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Welcome to Urban Assets

We help developers, non-profits, neighborhoods, and cities in Wisconsin to plan, design, and achieve their goals.

 Core Areas of Expertise

Urban Assets delivers strategic project management and drives community engagement processes.

Real Estate Development

Strategic guidance on the series of steps required for success, from vision to concept to completion, including land use and political analysis, planning and zoning, neighborhood engagement, and municipal approvals.

Multi-Modal Transportation

Inclusive engagement techniques integrated into the planning and development of plans for various modes of transportation including corridor studies, public transit plans, road and multiuse path reconstruction, and location-specific implementations.

Parks & Public Spaces

Development of evidence-based plans that utilize a variety of public input methods, census data, park user records, geographic information systems mapping, and other databases to foster inclusive, accessible, cohesive public spaces that fit the specific community’s needs.

Non-Profit Facility Planning & Development

Guidance and facilitation for the planning and development of new a facility that leverages an understanding of the design process, staff expertise, board commitment, stakeholder awareness, and relationships, and fundraising tools and expertise.

Generating New Ideas

By The Numbers

Problem-solving, the heart of urban planning, is determining what needs to be improved, what needs to be changed, and how this will not only raise the equity level among all citizens but how we can truly advocate for certain groups.

Through expertise in planning and project management with our focus on and dedication to our communities, Urban Assets is able to engage, inform, support, and plan a brighter future for all.

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Recent Work

Urban Assets believes planning and development are inherently collaborative. We target projects that meet community needs, promote equity, and further healthy, sustainable growth.

Community Engagement Ambassadors

A collaborative team of high school students form our Community Engagement Ambassador team to help engage our community in projects taking place in Madison.

The role of a Community Engagement Ambassador, or CEA, is to ensure that all of the community is able to participate in city events, in particular communities of color.

Our current team participants are Daisy Barrera, Marcio Sierra, and Michel Hernandez. Be sure to check out their Instagram Page at urbanassets_cea.

OUR Values


Planning and development are collaborative endeavors that benefit from involvement by those who are invested in the outcome.


We believe in the vitality of human connections and appreciate differences within shared spaces. This fosters fellowship and encourages participation.


Good planning builds capacity and generates positive energy for change. We are true to our word and transparent in our actions.

How can we help you?

We deliver strategic project management for community-oriented, property development, and urban planning initiatives. How can we help?