How We Help Make an Impact

Projects That Affect Communities

Community is a lot of different things, right? It’s the people that are in it, it’s the built environment, it’s the jobs, it’s all of that mixed up together. The heart and soul of Urban Assets is targeting projects that address all of those things. 

Community, Equity, and Inclusion

We champion projects that have a significant impact on improving the community for historically marginalized people

A More Engaged Community

Part of our code of ethics is serving the needs of the community. This is the primary reason planners do their job and it begins with communication and engagement. Listening to the community forms the basis of all the work that we do in planning.

More Affordable Housing

The construction of affordable housing development in complex infill sites revitalizes neighborhoods and improves the lives of low-income seniors, families and individuals.

Improved Service Delivery

Planners are everywhere, often in the background, making things happen. Our role is really about taking very complex situations, understanding them from all sides, and having the technical and personal skills to move each project forward.

Generating New Ideas

By The Numbers

Problem-solving, the heart of urban planning, is determining what needs to be improved, what needs to be changed, and how this will not only raise the equity level among all citizens but how we can truly advocate for certain groups.

Through expertise in planning and project management with our focus on and dedication to our communities, Urban Assets is able to engage, inform, support, and plan a brighter future for all.

Community Members Engaged

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Explore some of our significant non-profit and affordable housing development projects

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